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To create a space where men can enjoy meeting, making friends, socializing and helping each other overcome or deal with any feelings of loneliness, isolation or depression.

To be an independent body at a physical location where men can regularly socialize, make friends, talk, share skills, network, and find companionship with the primary purpose of supporting and enhancing personal well being and health.
To form a supportive community (the NMS) that will allow members to feel that they are not alone when faced with life challenges that seem altogether too big for one person.
To preserve skills and interests which can be passed on from one man to another.
To create a social environment through informal get-togethers (impromptu and planned) for members to meet in a relaxed, happy and creative space where they can feel useful, have purpose and make a worthwhile contribution to the larger community.

The NMS is committed to providing members with an opportunity to interact within a high standard, safe and social environment where they are treated equally, with respect and encouraged to help enhance the life skills and craftsmanship of all Shed members.

The NMS welcomes participation by men living in the municipality of Mississippi Mills and surrounding regions.

All who identify as male are welcome to join. NMS members are expected to accept and continue to uphold the values espoused above and regularly involve themselves in NMS activities.
May 22, 2018

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