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Our outing to the Pat Wolfe Log Building School

October the 19th, 2021 was a great day all around since the weather was fabulous, the visit was extremely interesting, the staff and students were accommodating and we finished up with a BBQ lunch for all. We had a good turn out of 12 Shedders. We were permitted to wander and watch while the students worked.

At lunch, we were able to sit and discuss with students their experiences. We discovered that the students at the school come from afar. The staff said that they get calls from as far away as Australia. The students who were at the school were on a 10 week course. Many come to learn how to build their own personal buildings or in preparation for starting up a business. We met with a local builder who went through the Pat Wolfe course at age 60 and launched into building and relocation based on his knowledge.

A note of appreciation goes  to Duncan Abbot our Social Coordinator for organising this outing and to Nick Fry and John Peters, our chefs, for laying on the BBQ lunch.

On November XX, 2021, we participated in the Civitan Christmas Sale. We are a hardy group of guys since all the indoor booth areas sold out quickly, we set up with a few other hardy people in the parking lot. The sale was a success and we will repeat this again in 2022, hopefully indoors this time.

The Civitan Christmas Sale

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