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The Naismith News

Updated: May 4, 2022

all the news that's fit to print

This Week in "The Naismith News"

There is rarely a week that goes by without something new happening in our Shed.

Back to Pre Covid days?

Recently, Bob Dickson started looking into possibly reconvening for bi-weekly meetings out at the Mill of Kintail. These would be part Shed business and part entertainment: either a games session or a current events session or a speaker or go to Comments below if you have something to suggest.

We like to eat, but where?

We have reconvened our breakfasts weekly on Thursday at 9am. At the moment, we are meeting at the Gourmet restaurant in Carleton Place, but we recently received news that the Superior restaurant in Almonte has repaired the back room heater. This and, hopefully, adequate staff will make eating locally an option for those who have found the trek into Carleton Place a tad daunting. Go to Comments below to let us know you would like to have breakfast and if you might be able to make a change happen?

Fresh air and exercise anyone?

A group of Shedders have also begun walking on the old railway trail that goes through Almonte and Carleton Place. To break the monotony of the same trail every Tuesday, we have alternated between starting from the Almonte Public Library parking lot and the Carleton Place Farmers Market parking lot. Both walks are great and a fun way to social distance, talk and exercise.

Our numbers keeper

Our membership coordinator, John Peters, has been updating our membership list and tells us that our numbers are fairly stable at just over 40 members. A couple have opted out, but in the last year there have been 6 new members and just recently a couple of more have been added. Check out the list on the members only page. Could it be that as we prepare to come out of Covid into a new reality, people are tired of being isolated and want to connect with others and with community? If you'd like to invite someone, send them this link or maybe a comment below.

Naismith as part of a world phenomenon

Our tireless John Peters, amongst the many things that he does for our Shed, also is at work nationally and provincially. With five others from BC to Ontario he has been putting in the hours to get the Canadian Men’s Shed Association incorporated and is busy creating an Ontario Mens Shed Association by zooming with 6 other Men’s Sheds in the province. What would you like as a title for the provincial group? How about "Ontario Men's Sheds Unlimited"? If you have a view, go to Comments below.

News from a brother Shed

Although, not entirely NMS news, Doug Johnson, who is a dual member with the Hackberry Men’s Shed, is storing a half scale model of Roy Brown’s Sopwith Camel bi-plane in his basement. Our connection to this plane also includes the handiwork of John Peters who carved the propeller for the model.

From Our Naismith Workshop

The Appleton workshop (174 Wilson Street in Appleton) continues to be up and running and is in the process of preparing to build a new line of bat houses. Here is the actual new model in progress. To see them, drop by the Workshop on a Tuesday morning. Perhaps you would also like to help with ongoing projects.

We are all connected


You may know that Men's Sheds started in Australia and spread to New Zealand, England, Scotland & Ireland as well as Canada. But did you know that, in just 30 years, this phenomenon has grown to over 2,000 Sheds around the world including this Shed in Kenya?

Closer to home there is currently interest being expressed in two new locations in Ontario. Help spread the word among friends and family wherever they may live. With their help, their community could be the next to benefit from what Shedding has to offer to men as we stand shoulder to shoulder.

Making Home A Better Place

Naismith Men's Shedders, if you want to help make your community a better place (part of why we exist) and have empty beer/pop cans and/or liquor/wine bottles that you want out of sight. Think about donating to a worthy group, the Almonte Scouts. Bill Lawrence collects empties on behalf of the Scouts and can be contacted to pick up donations. Call (613) 256-7343, or drop them off at his residence at 4 Union St. North, Almonte.

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Keith Sheldrick

Well done everyone!! :)


Jay Richard Parr
Jay Richard Parr
Feb 14, 2022

Congrats to all responsible for this Blog page. It is a wonderful addition to the NMS resources. I learned a few things reading it today.

Yes, you might see me at a 'superior' breakfast in Almonte.



what a spiffy looking bat house!

Gerry Bedard
Gerry Bedard
Feb 14, 2022
Replying to

Nice Cant wait for the auctions, GB

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