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The Benefits of Men's Sheds

The NMS has asked its members about the benefits of being a Men's Shed member

To read the full benefits and see the testimonials about why it is beneficial to be a Men's Shed member

A little bit about Shedding and the Naismith Men's Shed

Men's Sheds began in Australia in the 1990's and now has over 3,000 Sheds worldwide. Sheds in Ontario started in 2015 in the Ottawa Valley. The Naismith Men's Shed began in Mississippi Mills (Almonte & area) in 2017. The purpose of Men's Sheds is to enhance the health and well-being of men. The goal of the Naismith Men's Shed is to provide a safe meeting space for men of the community wherein the health and wellbeing of our members can be enhanced. If you’re interested in joining our peer-run organization of volunteers and expanding the Naismith Men's Shed, please get in touch.

Men's Sheds are making the news

To see this article about the Vernon BC Men's Shed opening its doors to women. Our apologies but all news links come with the sponsor's ads. Clickhere

The chair-ished moments in the workshop are numbered

What with nice weather this May just around the corner, no one wants to necessarily be in the shop working on chairs or out on other shop business. Once the Scouten's Cedar fills our order we will build the final six chairs before we shut it down. As we can't spend all day every day in the shop these things (building chairs) takes longer than one would like.

And while we are lumbering along

  1. The workshop purchased a nice supply of dry live edge cherry wood (stored 12 years inside). Once it is picked it up and put into our wood shed, we need to figure what we might make from this nice looking wood.

  2. In speaking with Ross Fergusson from the MVCA, he is giving us some well aged dressed pine (includes some 2x20x10') which has been stored out at the Mill for a long time and they have no use for it. Again, we have to find the time and manpower to pick this up and store in our wood shed. More on this later.

  3. Some of you may recall that we picked up a supply of live edge pine from the Log Building School. It is aging (drying) inside the garage of the caretakers cottage at the Mill of Kintail. If someone wants a board or 2 or 3 it is available. It is 1"+ thick and some of it is over 10" wide and about 6-8' lengths.


Neil McBride and Rick McPhail are making the Lending Library for the MVCA/MFNA.

Also, in speaking to Stephanie (manager of the Gate House), she says that the meeting room is now available for larger size groups, however, face masks must still be worn. We will continue to monitor this.

The prototype of the Naismith Chair

The prototype of the Naismith Chair which we raffled off (thank you to all ticket purchasers as we made $140) was won by Bill Rawson. Bill has graciously donated the chair back to the Shop, so now we have to determine what we might do with this:

  • Try to sell it for the $140 current charge. Actually if there is a NMS shed member who wishes to purchase this chair it will be available at a discounted cost of just $120. First come first served.

  • Donate it to someone?

  • Or does anyone have any suggestions ???

Samples of sand from around the world

Ron Lavoie has a very interesting build on the go for a gentleman who has collected samples of sand from around the world and has asked us to build a display cabinet. Ron is leading this build and currently putting together some ideas.

Oh! How we like to eat!

Don't forget we have a breakfast Thursday's at the Gourmet Restaurant and you can show up there before 9:00am if you like.

With the weather improving perhaps arrangements can be made for some breakfasts at the Mississippi Golf Course when they open for business.

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